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Towards the end of January, my daughter was in a minor accident. She was the creamy center in an Oreo cookie. While, thankfully, there were no injuries, there was quite a bit of irritating body damage. While waiting for insurance, spent some time looking for parts, what would work and what wouldn't, discovering the various shades of gold, mine is Arizona bronze, my replacement hood is not. A slightly lighter shade off the same year car. While everything has been moving along with minimal problems, the biggest thing I've run into is how to get to the bolts holding on the rear bumper skin. I found a pdf on the 02 wagon model, it just says to remove load space trim panels. I don't know how much, if anything that changed from '02 to '03, but I've removed the 2nd and third row seats to get to the nuts under the tailgate latch.
The first pic is what I've done so far with arrows pointing to where the nuts are. I can feel them and could probably get them off with a crows foot.(I don't have these tools, but if I have to buy more, oh damn:rolleyes:). Using crows feet presents other problems, ratchet access through the holes, angle the ratchet needs to work, not being able to see the nut, dropping the nut, reassembly. The second pic is an access hole under the plastic/carpet that surrounds the cargo area. As far as I can tell, this is one piece that runs the length of the cargo area up to the 2nd row seat. I'm this far, so I'll keeping going, but is there a better way? This will also give me a perfect opportunity to deep clean dirt from previous owner and my time with owning the car.
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