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Question: How long do the original rear drum brakes last on Ford Taurus Gl?

Answer: 14 yrs, 5 months, and 26 days

I was driving to work Wednesday when without warning the rear brakes on the Bull, :ph34r: specifically the rear passenger side made a bang noise, then rattling and banging then it was a constant dragging, slowing the car till I could pull over. The car was due for inspection next month, and I had a appointment for the 28th.

I guess I was lucky it didn't lock up the wheel, just applied drag like the brakes were being pressed. The damage came to about 400 bucks from the brake shop, which is alot but I dont like replacing drum brakes, especially ones that exploded.

The brake shop said it was bad when they pulled the drum, basically everything destroyed including deep grooves in the drum.

I hope everyone else has there rear brakes checked on these old Bulls, if not they can be a timebomb waiting to explode. :noes:

On a side note, this is the only car that I have ever had that the rear brakes failed this way. Not even my 85 Shelby Charger Turbo that had 183,000 miles on it.[/b]
After 183,000 on the Shelby you may want to check the brakes on it. :rolleyes2:
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