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Gen 4 Vulcan ohv 3L Uvin 220k 2002 SE
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My well-intentioned neighbor offered to lift my battery out of the tray and place it in my car while I went to work on removing tray and the upper radiator hose where connected to radiator. I was involved with all the other tasks performing and not hovering over him. (thought polite, but ? never again!)

I'd bought special clamp removal tools for the hoses I had problems with, but apparently he YANKED it out without warning, breaking off the plastic male hose attached end that protrudes from radiator, leaving me with a >$500 repair on top of all the others I'm doing. :-( The hose that was in appeared fine, and I'd actually decided to leave it in.

I've looked at radiators, and see there is no way to "snap on that portion that attaches to the radiator" as he believes.

Another TCA thread showed that Gen 4 ohv's radiator's can be removed with only 2 jackstands and a special Lisle vise grip which appears designed for line nuts to remove and reattach the tranny cooler line(s?) can be used instead.

A few months ago, when told my Gen 4 ohv 3L had a radiator leak by petcock (it didn't! Just needed a gasket! :) ) my research revealed only a "special tool" (which isn't for rent) can be used for this purpose and costs over $100!

ANY comments great... even if you are responding to wrong thread/post! Means someone is reading it!

Thx in advance.
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