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Hi there,

I am from the Netherlands (Europe).
I have had a blown head gasket on my 1995 3.8 Sable. 152.000 km
Had it replaced, with also new T-stat, waterpump. $$$

I have a Check engine light warning, which comes after the engine is warmed up and I speed up above about 40 mph.

My biggest concern:
After spending alot of Euro's I've noticed that the temp gauge was higher then before especially when not driving or at low speed.
When driving on high ways the temperature is between 'm' and 'a' of 'normal' where 'n' is on the hot side.
When not driving the temperature rises to 'r' or a litle over it, then the radiator fan get activated and cools down to the 'm'.

I don't want to replace another head gasket.

I have replaced the ECT sensor.
cleaned the electrical connections of the fan motor and the constant control relay module.
But nothing ...

I don't know if there is a engine temp coolant switch. Or maybe fan dropping resistor? I can't find any.
I have a Haynes manual. But they only mention it in general. No location given.
Does anyone know if there is one in the 1995 3.8 Sable?
I don't know if the relay module is ok. How do I know if it's ok?

How do I get the low fan speed to work?
Can anyone help me with this?


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