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Originally posted by jason8225@Mar 10 2004, 08:55 AM
What year/engine is your car?  I'm sure somebody can help you track down the parts cheap and you could just pay somebody for installation.  You could check junkyards, too. 
Check out his profile. He's got a '96 Duratec.

When I had a cracked radiator a few months ago I called around. Ford said the job would cost me anywhere from $485-$500, a local place said $470, and a shop recommend by a fellow TCCA member said $370. So the prices you got sound about right. And I agree, that $170 job sounds a bit shady.

In the end, I just got the radiator for around $100 (Made in Canada) and my dad helped me remove the old one and install the new one. It wasn't hard, so much as tedious (no air tools). Not sure about the Duratec's though.
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