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Qwestar 10 Disc Fm Mod Cd Changer

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Here is a perfect 10 Disc Qwestar CD Changer up for sale. It uses your FM radio. It can play CDRWs and your custom CDs great. It comes with everything in the box. Used for 4 months in an Aspire. There is nothing wrong with it, I took it out of the car before trading it in. It comes with the original mounting hardware, book and whatever else it came with originally. It was checked out by the installers at Circuit City and they said that the parts are all there.

It has great sound! If you plan on using this in a Gen 3 or 4 Taurus, you have to buy more cables but its not a big deal.

I can accept Paypal or Money Orders. Buyer must pay shipping from Detroit, MI. I will allow pick-ups.

Paid $140, Sell for $90.

E-mail me for more info
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Price lowered to $50 + shipping.
Sorry, Since no one responded in time, I threw it up on ebay.

See it here..

CD Changa!

Other than that it was a really good cd changer, shows id3 tags and everything, and was quick loading mp3s. It is totally worth $50+shipping I paid $160 for mine. The FM modulator in this changer does not generate noise either!!! My Sony changer generated a crap load of line noise when the changer was off and it was the most annoying thing ever. This one didn't.[/b]
It doesn't read MP3s, you have to use Nero or something to convert them. It is more basic. As MP97 says, its usable and does a good job really.
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