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I checked the previous forum posts and I didn't see a specific answer, so wondering if anyone has some info. I also have a technical question or two.

I know that the windows as well as a few other circuits are on one fuse (interior fuse at least), a 15A one. I was wondering if anyone knows the specific amperage for a single window (I assume up is higher draw than down).

The technical questions:

I'm going to put together a remote control system. For now, I can control 8 functions. Could I combine 2 or 4 window up lines (with diodes to avoid feeding back from the remote or the interior switches) to allow me to push one button and all 4 rise (same with window down lines)?

The door trigger in the headlight switch - if the vehicle factory alarm is armed, this would trigger the alarm - is that correct?

I figure I can tap into most of what I want from the driver's door - lock, unlock, windows up, windows down, alarm disarm,and then the headlight switch for the door and parking lights trigger. I have to check to see if the alarm will activate if the locks are locked from inside the car after the door is opened and closed. I am guessing that the fob button to arm simply locks the car. The wiring diagram notes that the alarm arms with lock.

If anyone wants info, just yell and I'll post more of what I'm doing, I set it up in a previous, older vehicle.
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