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Ok, I understand most of the tech checklist for the track event, but there are some things I am unsure of according to the list.

1. tie rod ends--> tight, no damage
Do you just crawl under the car and try and shake them or what? Should they wiggle or be virtually immovable?
2. struts-->firm, no leaks securely mounted.
Again do I bounce the car up and down? What is the definition of firm, how firm, etc.
3.CV joints--> no grease seepage or looseness
Ok I can probably spot grease seepage, but again should I reach up and rattle them to check for looseness or what?
4. Rear wheel bearings-->no leaks
How do you check these?
5. Wheel bearings--> tight, not binding
How to check, what is meant by binding?
6. Exhaust-->no severe leaks, securely mounted
I believe I may have a leak, but how bad of a leak is considered severe, lol?!

Ok I think that is it for now. Thanks for your patience in reading this and any help is appreciated. Also what have others run into as far as their own tech inspections. Any problems with fixing items or anything?
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