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Question: Gen3 Duratec Into Gen4?

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I've posted before about swapping a 3.2L SHO engine into a Gen4 but im curious. How much work would it be to drop a 1999 Duratec engine into a vulcan Gen4. Would the tranny bolt up? What would you have to do to get it running? Would you need to rearrange parts? Would it be easier to use a Gen4 duratec or is it the same as gen3. Also, opprox. how much money would it cost for all the work and parts not including the engine. Just curious.. :)
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I don't know much about the physical aspect, but I can tell you that you would have to get a new ECM for sure and, most likely, a new wiring harness and almost completely rewire the car. If it does have to be completely rewired, that would be very expensive.
you will need a new computer for sure, you can get the computer from the doner car though. also, if you are going to do that anyway, why not try to find a 96-98 duratec, when they were 200hp instead of the one year only downgraded output of 185 in '99s. I think the gen IV is considered a partial redesign, so I would think other than that everything would bolt up nicely. cost is going to be determined mostly on how much the engine costs (of course!) the older/higher miliage engine you put in the cheaper its going to be. but if you decide to go the economical route, such as pulling an older high miliage engine from a car in the yard, make sure you test it out first. ensure that it will rotate 360*, inspect for damage from the crash, make sure it wasn't a rollover where the engine ran inverted for too long, lack of oil does bad things for engines. although the impact kill switch should take care of those kind of problems.
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Wow your right! Why did they drop the horsepower in 99? that is really wierd. I found a couple of 00-03 duratec engines on ebay for close to 600$, all with less then 90k miles. They sell only the motor with no wiring. It would be a cool project but when you could just go and buy a duratec, it seems kinda pointless.
Subframes are the same. I dont see why you couldnt rig something up.


i wish people would stop passing that around.

Examples...venom has the fasted duratec out there...and its a mid 99'

I have owned 2...count them TWO (2) 99's. one early model (built in 98) and a late model (nov 99). The earlier one ran 16.3 in the quarter and the new one runs 16.1 (consistantly). The first had 80k miles and the dyno showed wheel horespower to be 170...meaning it is producing AT LEAST 200 at the crank.

The last one has 100k miles and is running even faster.

There is no truth to the 185hp and it would not be overly hard to swap in a earlier duratec.

wiring should just about match up...no biggie. and the pcm needs to come from the donor car. You may also need to redo the cluster woring. All very doable!

Go for it!!!

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