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2000 Taurus, Vulcan V6 65k miles.

Had an "EGR sensor switch" go bad. It is located on back of motor, has electric plug and two different size hoses going to it. SOMEHOW the plastic nipples for the hoses got melted after I knocked a hose off unknowingly changing plugs and wires. I ordered everything from FORD. The hoses were $25 for one, $8 for another> When the hoses got here, they were the wrong part. Just went to NAPA and got some hose from them. Both them and Ford said that the hoses shouldnt be subjected to heat and they should be fine.

Question: WHY and WHAT melted the nipples the first time and do you guys think the "regular" heater type hose will be ok?

I DO NOT wanna spend another $70 for another EGR thingy.

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