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Maybe others have a better idea but here is how I did it. Could not find the valve. Chiltons manual showed where it is but not how to get to it. Alldata showed step by step but not how to turn it, just said to turn it 180 degrees.

So, I removed stuff until I could see it, and made my own tool. Autozone did not have the valve, NAPA did but not any hose.

Of course you do not have to remove the intake runner, or the EGR if you know what is down there. This car has 107K miles and this never changed as far as I know. Hose very hard and difficult to remove. Alldata shows 0.4 hours for this process. This PVC was stuck and it was blowing water and oil back into the air cleaner. This can ruin an engine as you get water in the oil. Bad.:angry:

Any better suggestions?

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