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This is a forum for each person to begin a log on their car(s). Please no more than a single thread per car.

- The title should be in this format: Your username, year, model, (nickname) (if you have one). For me it would be "Breeves002's 2000 Sable". I don't have a nickname for my car. If I did it would be "Breeves002's 2000 Sable (Nickname)". Even if you have a nickname you aren't required to post it here. You must put your username first, and if you choose to put a nickname you can.
Some exceptions to the above rule will exist if you just wish to put the cars name, or your car has some special reason to be listed differently. Please PM me for exceptions.

- In your first post, please introduce the car and post pictures. Then list any mods you have done. People are allowed to reply to your thread whenever they wish. You may wish to reserve other posts if you wish.

- After that, submit a new post whenever you modify your car.

- Please view my project log as an example: http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/134-taurus-sable-project-log/174338-breeves002s-2000-sable.html

If you have any questions please PM me. Your thread may be modified or deleted if the rules are not followed. A friendly PM will be sent before this happens.

Now, after reading, go POST YOUR LOG!!!
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