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You can usually program your car on your own to use new or additional PATS ignition keys and remote keyfobs. I'll outline the basics for you. This is what I learned from an '03 service manual. I think it would apply to all gen4.

Additional ignition key - you have 2 working keys available:

Note: A parameter in your PCM (SPARE_KY) must be set to it's default "enabled" setting. All new cars come this way, so someone would have to ask for it to be changed (if you don't want the driver to be able to make new keys - fleet cars maybe).

Note: You can only have up to 8 keys programmed normally. There is a way around it though. See your dealer or PM me for more info.

1. Cut the new key to match.

2. Insert one of the working keys, and turn from OFF to RUN (but don't go past RUN to CRANK). Keep the key in the RUN position for 3 seconds. Then turn to OFF and remove the key.

3. Quickly insert the second of the working keys, and turn from OFF to RUN (but don't go past RUN to CRANK). Keep the key in the RUN position for 3 seconds. Then turn to OFF and remove the key.

4. Quickly insert the new key, and turn from OFF to RUN. Then turn the key to CRANK. If it starts the car, the procedure was succesful. If not, leave the key in the RUN position for at least 30 seconds, then start over at step 2.

If you want to add additional keys, you must start over at step 2 for each.

If you'd like to clear an old key code from the PCM (possibly a lost key that you wouldn't want to work anymore), look down further in the post where I get deeper into PATS.

New or additional keyfob(s):

Note: You can have a maximum of 4 keyfobs, but you need all of them present at they same time.

1. Insert a working key. Within 10 seconds, turn the key from OFF to RUN 8 times, ending with the key in the run position. The doors will lock/unlock if you did it right.

2. Press any button on a keyfob. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that it has learned the code.

3. Repeat step 2 for all additional keyfobs.

4. Turn the key to OFF.

Keyless entry - programming a new personal code:

Note: You have one permanent code, and can program one personal code also. I has been posted here that the permanent code is printed on a sticker that is on the back of your fuse panel (under the dash), and that you can see it with a small mirror. I can't confirm this as I don't have keyless entry.

1. Enter the permanent code.

2. Within 5 seconds, press the 1/2 button to start the programming mode.

3. Within 5 seconds, enter your new personal code. Doors lock/unlock to confirm. This will erase any previous personal code. Pressing and holding the 1/2 button for 2 seconds, instead of entering a code, will clear all personal codes.

New/additional keys - you don't have 2 working keys available:

This procedure requires a properly equipped scantool.

Basically you have two options. They both start by gaining security access with the sacntool first. With a key in the igniton and in the RUN position, select "security access" on the scantool menu. Wait the 10 minutes it takes to acquire access. Then you get a new menu with that can do one of the following options.

1. Clear all keys from the car's memory and start over with 2 keys (can be new keys or currently working keys). This would be good if you have lost keys. Or maybe you are divorced and sick of the ex coming by to borrow your car when she needs one.

1a. From the scantool menu, select "ignition key code erase". DO NOT select any further commands from this menu.

1b. Turn the key to the OFF position, remove it, and remove the scantool.

1c. Insert the first key and turn to the RUN position for 3 seconds. Turn the key to OFF and remove it.

1d. Insert the second key, and turn to RUN for 3 seconds. Remove the key.

Your car should now start with both keys. To add more, refer to the top of this post for adding new keys when 2 are available.

2. Add new keys without clearing old keys from memory. This would be good if you have a spare that you don't have immediate access to, but would like to keep working. It's similar top the above procedure, and you start by using a scantool to gain security access to the new menu. Use your new, unprogrammed key to turn the ingniton on and power the scantool to get the security access.

2a. Select "ignition key code program" on the scantool.

2b. Turn the key to OFF, and disconnect the scantool.

Your car should now start with the new key also.

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What can I do to add the use of a factory keyless entry remote to my '04 LX? Is there something I need to add (plug in)? Have remote capability with addition of an aftermarket alarm but it does not allow remote trunk opening and the alarm is WAAAAY sensitive. Also the fob that came with the alarm won't unlock the doors if they are locked using the switch on the door.

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any clue as to where i can get or 'borrow' the scan tool?

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it'd be nice if this was made into a sticky (or pinned as it seems to be called here)... i searched for a long time to find the info for programming the key fob... and i'm not a newbie to car boards... just this one :thumb:
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