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Probably Nothing New

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http://www.vindustries.com/taurus/scvulcan.html I found this site while i was poking around. D---ed if that engine doesnt look familiar...im sure that a lot of you have seen the site before. With that sort of an arrangement couldnt someone get a piece of thick aluminum stock and work out their own adaptor for mounting the eaton to the lower intake manifold? I know everyone tries unsucessfully to come up with an idea, as read in MANY frustrated post replies on the topic, but what this guy has going does not *seem* that complicated. And eatons are so cheap and plentiful, I saw no less than 5 supercoupes in the junkyard the other day (granted they were probably picked over). Ehh...so its a newbie post...give me time and ill develop the requisite cynicism... <_<
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Yes i saw this site a long time ago. Idea is simple at heart, rip off uppder intake attach blower to it. These are the obstacles:
-14# injectors on the vulcan suck and you cant get enough fuel to the mix
-adapting the throttle body to work with blower
-IAC needs new place also
-Basically look at the upper intake manifold.. see all those things on it you need keep many of them so the computer doesnt freak out
-Then ofcourse the problem becomes telling the computer you got bigger injectors

Yes i belive this can be done, infact i was gonna do it a long time ago and bought a blower but its been sitting here under my table for a while now project still on my to-do list.. fear it will never move from that list.

Also you cant use to much boost 5psi maybe (guesstimate) its a nice conservative number. DMX is using 9psi i think, i dont know how much work he did to internals and if the 3.8 internals are similar to the 3.0 or not.

Oh yeah it wont clear the gen 2 hood either, I was gonna make a "hood scoop" to take care of that.
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