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Hey everyone!
I just want to start by saying I'm new and if I posted this in the wrong area I'm sorry and you can move this post to the designated area or I will repost there if I'm pointed in the right area... ANYWAYS!

I have a 97' Ford Taurus SHO and its awesome!
The only thing about it is my power steering. I have this MAJOR leak and its increasing by the day. Its sooooo bad that if I fill my reservoir to the top it would leak out and my steering would creak again in a course of 3-5 hours regardless of driving or not. However, I DO know where the leak is coming from. I've taken a gander under my car and seen that my leak was coming from the passenger side. I looked from hood and put a light towards the inside and noticed that it was coming from the bleeding valve. If I could take a clear picture and upload it I would. Unfortunately, even with a flash its still too dark to see. Now... I have NO idea how to fix this problem without having to fork up a load of cash getting a new rack. I just hope you guys have an alternative besides that lol. Any ideas?
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