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Power Antenna For G2

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When installing my head unit i screwed up and broke my anttenna wire and i dislike it anyway. So i was thinking a power antenna for it. Will this work or is it too much work. I just want clarity and maybe have it retract or something or get one of those euro ones for the rear winsheild. ANY TAKERS???
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What a helping crowd.....
If you get a power antenna, you could probably yank one off a junked G2. I don't know about the Euro antennas. It looks nice, but wiring will probably be a chore.
My power antenna broke a while back, I caved and bought the replacement from the dealership for $47 ARGH. My mechanic did the installation and he said it was a b**** to do- he had to take out the whole assembly, take out the old antenna, put in the new one, run the cord that came out of the new one, etc, etc. Still didn't charge me anything for labor tho

In hindsight, I would just go on ebay and get one of those universal power antenna units (motor, antenna, and all) and just replace the old motor unit with that.
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