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I come to the all-mighty TCCA with a question, and I am sorry, you probably get this kind of question a lot. In addition to my '91, I now have a 2000 Taurus SES W/ the Vulcan. My question is this: If it was possible to put an exhaust on my 2000, what would be a good choice to get, and how much would it run to install it?

As always, your input is greatly appreciated.


Not sure what your main goal is with the exhaust, whether it's truly for performance, or if it is more for sound, but I didn't want to pay for a full cat-back setup, but I wanted a better sound so I just replaced the stock muffler with a Flowmaster 40 Series DeltaFlow and it sounds awesome, and this could be the butt dyno talking, but I think I noticed a minor performance improvement on the high end (noticeable, not significant though). Anyways, my point is Flowmasters sound awesome on Vulcans.
Mine isn't insanely loud either.

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with are gen4's we dont need to do a full exhaust b/c
we have stock stainless steel 2 1/4 inch mandrel bend
exhaust. if you change the cats it wont do a hole lot.
so all you realy need to do is get a new muffler
I got a magnaflow ricer that works great and ran me about
$200 installed. you can do what jason did and go on
ebay and get a flowmaster for $40 and it shouldn't
cost alot to put on
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