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Popping Noise

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i hear a popping noise in my front left and dont know what it is but i want to fix it ASAP does anyone know how to fix this problem or has encounterd it themselves.

1997 taurus lx 3.0l DOHC DURATEC
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The spring has a rubber piece that is between the spring and the frame fittings at the top of the strut. It's probably worn down. Jack it up and get a flash light and inspect it as much as possible and make sure the bolts are tight at the top of the strut base (inside the engine compartment). It also could be a rubber bushing that is bad in one of the rocker arm or caster that is worn down. Check that too.

I was having the same issue, but it was because I had those rubber wedges inbetween the springs to stiffen the springs a little. For some reason it made a popping sound. I replaced them with a the full round rubber wedge(the kind they use for stock cars) and the sound went away. I didn't even know it was causing the sound.
Originally posted by sundarpn@May 6 2004, 05:15 AM
is it not the sway bar en links ..hehehe :)
Aren't the sway bar links only in the back?
thers metal ones in the back and plastic ones in the front

I just got my wheel bearings replaced, driver side a couple of weeks ago then the passenger side today. Man what a difference, rides like new. They were growling at me, I just wasn't sure it was wheel bearings because my 97 Sable only has 49K on it.

Anyhow, after the driver side bearing was changed I began to hear a popping (clunking) sound when I would turn at slow speeds. Like in a parking lot when I'm driving straight and slow and have to turn sharply to get into a spot. I asked the shop to listen for it and after much experimenting they heard it. They believe it is one of my ball joints. The owner said probably the stablilizing arm I believe. He said it is a common repair. He told me to wait till it happens more frequently so they can determine for sure what it is. He said it could be a number of things including the rubber wedge mentioned in an earlier post.

I never had this noise until the bearing replacement and the mechanic is a good freind of mine. The owner says it isn't uncommon that after a car is put on a lift to be worked on that a unknown problem becomes more noticeable because of the way the springs and wheels and such hang. Simply, some things move a bit and I believe this guy.
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Or they could have damaged a CV joint during the bearing replacement and are trying to cover their butts about it....
Hey I get like a "DOK" sound when I turn the sterring fast when making slow speed turns... felt most in the drive side floor pan area....

a mechanic said 2 things after checking the front end...
- the ball joints have slight wear - nothing to worry abt immediately..
- the end links need to be changed...

I did not do either.. and its been 6 months hehe hehe :)
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