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Poping Noise

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i have a 97 taurus lx DOHC 3.0l
At times when i turn i hear a popping noise coming from what i belive to be the front left part of the car, some times i just hear it and at certain times such as driving off the curb i hear the noise and rarely feel it under my feet while in the driver seat. This is becoming a problem for me because i do not know what is making the noise or if its serious, so if any one knows what the problem is or knows how to fix it i would be very appreciative.
thank you
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My money is on this: http://www.taurusclub.com/archive/index.ph...345#entry138271 Took me less than 2 hours to replace and I didn't even have to jack the car up.
I was expecting the obivious reply to be the sway bar end links.
Ive got that same problem, but it comes from the rear driver's side wheel. When I turn left if If Im not going slow enough it sounds like a spring or something is expandinf really fast. it sounds more like a thunk than a poping sound, though.

Anyone who knows what that could be, feel free to clue me in...
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