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Police Package Taurus

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Well i was looking up the Police Package Taurus, and i fell in love. I wish i had one. Are they like extremely hard to find? I want to save up some money and possibly buy one....damn that "police interceptor" badge just makes me want it even more. I know you can buy the badge but it just aint the same unless it comes with the engine
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I have a '91 police package, I didn't know what it was at the time, only that I needed a car and it was cheap
You'll have a hard time finding them now because a.) they stopped making the true "police package" back in '95 I believe, and yes I know there are newer Taurus cop cars out there but they are _not_ police package vehicles, b.) the ones that are left are likely in very rough shape, and c.) even if you do find one, be prepared to to a lot of repairs on it (I've replaced so many things I've lost count) - not to mention the fact that they all use the 3.8 which is known for headgasket failure (been there, done that).

But, if you can overlook all those other points... they sure are fun to drive
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