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Plug Wires

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I just took ohm readings on all my plug wires, since its such a nice day outside and I needed an excuse to go get my hands dirty


I know that the ohms will vary due to the lenghts of wire(1 being the longest, cause it wraps around most the top of the engine, and 6 being shorted cause it jumps straight from the coil packs to the plug), but how do I know when I should replace them? If I do need to, what are some good brands?(Heck, tell me anyway...), and will it be worth anything to upgrade the coil packs to something better? I should note that right now, I don't have any problems with the car, it only has 22k miles, but I'm a preventive maintence nut...
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You only have to replace them if the insulation is cracked. If this is something you want to do you can, make them cool colors or just get out of the house for a few hrs. As for lengths, well designed cars have all the wire lengths the same so that resistance and travel time is exactly the same. Yes it means coiling up the wire for the near plugs. Not a requirement but just letting you know.
If you are replacing the wires might as well put some good spark plugs in there.
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