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After I traded my Aspire in, I took out the RF Modulated CD Changer that was installed. It is a Qwestar 10 Disc Changer with a wired remote. This type plays through the fm stereo in the car. I bought this after some dork broke into my Aspire and stole me Sony Xplod while I was at work.

I went to Circuit City (the original place I bought it from) and they said it would be $90 to install and about another $90 for adapters, cables and misc supplies. I know CD Changers can be a pain but it sounded high.

I am thinking of maybe doing one of these other things..

- Install an in-dash unit and get the adapter for my 97 Sable. The adapter is $100 at Circuit City. I don't know if there is a cheaper one out there. I can get everything installed for $200 (Adapter and CD player, nothing fancy)

- Find a factory CD changer. The only bad thing is these don't play MP3 Disks. I don't even know if the harness is there in the trunk.

- Put in the Qwestar as described above.

I have stock speakers and never want to go too far speaker wise. I just want good sound from 6 speakers.

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