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Platinum Edition Sable?!?

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I was driving this evening, and I passed a Sable Wagon, what struck me was that on the side, where you would normally see the 24V DOHC/FFV badge was a "Platinum Edition" badge. I don't think it was fake because it was a little old lady driving it. I'd never seen or heard of this, was it an option on G4s?

Edit: Accidentally put G3
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I think that was a G4 special. Its the level above LS.
What was different in order to make it a special edition?
It was an limited edition upscale trim package. Basically what I have, an upscale trim package. The Centennial package was 4,000 units, and the Platinum Edition was only 3,500 units. The funny thing is I have seen several Platinum Editions around here, only one SES Sport, and I am the only one with a Centennial.

Sable- Platinum Edition
Not 100% sure what all that gets you but Chris (kms250) has a platinum edition Sable wagon that is VERY nice. Brushed aluminum interior trim around gauges and Climate controls, etc. Nice special edition leather interior - I think it gets special rims and a couple of other small things. His car is VERY nice!
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The 2003 Platinum Sables gave you the following:

Center Stack Surround,Instrument Panel, Floor Console Trim Grille, Trunk Applique- Satin Aluminum Finish

Fender Badges- "Platinum Edition"

Leather Seats- Perforated font and rear

14 spoke Satin aluminum

I almost bought one, but I didn't. On that edition, you could not get the secure package (Side Airbags, Traction Control) or a power passenger seat.
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I saw a pewter metallic Platinum Edition at Winner Ford in Cherry Hill a month or so ago - a 2002 I believe. In addition to the items listed in the posts above, it had unique ground effects. Beautiful car; I test drove it and was sorely tempted, but the only way it made sense was if I traded in my green '95 Bull. Not yet ready to make that sacrifice.....
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