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I have noticed a while ago that Draxas also sells Ross RAcing forged pistons that are set for a 8.5:1 compression ratio for a stock 3.0L head. And Pauter forged 4340 chromoly steel and some Clevite tri-metal upgraded main bearings for Duratec 2.5 and 3.0L.

I belive you want to lower compression when adding FI and you want to raise it when trying to add power the NA way. I think.
But either way, is their any power to be gained from using these, or these just only for FI (basicly same as stock just stronger to handel boost).
Are these light weight internal parts??

The price on these parts is through the roof, so it's not something I'm looking to do now, but it would be nice to know where these things are. So when i'm ready to get them i wont have to scramble looking for these kind of parts.

Actually you'd lose power if you used the 8.5:1 pistons with a NA car.

You should buy Brad's SVT heads and cams and swap those on, it's a good basis for some more NA powah.
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