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Pimp In A Pontiac!

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My 14 year old cousin and I were driving over to our freinds house to hang out a little and help him build a chicken coop (we're from the country, and, well, some of us like it that way). I pulled the Taurus into a Chevron to fill up and there was this black Grand Prix sitting there with a light "thump, thump" from the trunk as the (no doubt) huge speakers contained within were asking to be turned up. Low and behold, this tall black guy gets out with an all-out pimp suit on. I mean a pin-stripped jacket and pants, a red button up shirt, a top hat with a feather in it, and so much "bling" he could use his ice to keep the beer cold.

Well I filled up and as I was leaving, I got on it a little and spun the tires with the Taurus just a little and then took off normally. I got back on the 2-lane highway and pretty soon here comes that Pontiac up on my rear bumper. I floored it and the 3.0 put the speedometer needle down in the dash. I held him off for ever until my turn came up so I flaged him over and he pulled up next to us. He was like "WHAAAASSS UP MAN?!" laughing all the way. I was like "not much, how fast were we running?" and he returned "over 110 for sure, I didnt look down after that". He continued: "that car suprised me, what is it? A Ford Taurus? It sure held its own, thats for shure". I said: "yea, and its got 230K miles on it" "OH God!" he said "and still run like that?! Hot damn!" Well we talked a little more and turns out, he had a bottle of no less than Seagrams Gin in between his legs, just some "sippin' stuff"! LMAO! This cat was drunk as a skunk! He invited us over to his house, said he was having a party later and wanted us to come but I said we had a prior engaugement and couldnt attend. He said anytime we were in the area, stop by. Of course I wasnt going to take my 14 year old cousin to this guys house to drink about it, I mean his mom would KILL me. So we went on to our freinds farm and they didnt believe a word of the story. I swear its true damn it! I cant make this stuff up!

Note: My cousin may be 14 but he could walk into any convinance store you name and buy smokes if he wanted. We look about the same age, but people often guess I'm younger than 22 so thats not saying much. I picked him up from school at about 10 AM on Wed. to go fishing with me and I let him drive the Taurus. He loved it, and be damned if he isnt a hella good driver. He drives better than most people twice his age. Always uses his signals, always looks twice, speeds only a little, etc. He said he would really think twice about a Ford when it comes time for his first car (he usually is always bad mouthing Ford products).

We bought him a little 1989 Dodge Dakota 2wd R/C 4cyl 5-speed for $80 that needed an engine. We have a Slant 6 ("SUPER SIX") from an Aspen (and one from a '59 Dodge 100 truck) that runs but needs a starter so we're going to put it in there I think. It'll be good on gas and super reliable. The Aspen only has like 78K miles and those Super Six's can run forever.
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Wow, that's an awesome story.
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