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2011 Taurus Limited AWD 302a package with lots of optional equipment/features.

Here is my issue, the Sync button (voice button) in the steering wheel works, the voice nav works, but the phone button on the steering wheel as well as the phone button on the dash are 100% nonresponsive. Also the aux and usb are 100% non responsive. USB won't even trickle charge a device.

The juke box works, the radio works, Satellite radio works, CD player works, but no bluetooth.

Coincidentally the door keypad wont work with factory code, but will unlock with proximity key fob. Not sure if any of this is related, just trying to provide as much info as I can. It lights up and a swipe down the keypad unlocks when key is present. I found code under driver's side dash by fuse box.

Also the Homelink won't program, but lights up.

I'm 3rd owner and the dash says 4 keys are programmed on the cluster but I have only 1 fob, and it doesnt look like the original.

Anyone know why almost all infotainment works but phone, aux, usb?

I do get a Connection error- see dealer message when I try to select user device on touchscreen.

Tried fuse, tried negative battery wire for extended time, tried master reset. I'm really in need of some help here. I tried many things.

Kind regards to the forum members, thanks for reading.
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