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Phenolic Spacer

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Hi friends. I did a search, and didnt find anything about where to get my paws on a phenolic spacer for a vulcan.

So heres the scoop. I would like to cut down the air temps in my manifold, b/c we all know, hot air= bad performance. Even with the CAI, its still getting much too warm for my taste. Sooo... my question is, where do i find one of these magical spacers for my car? How much will one cost me? And what quirks will i have to look out for when installing one? Thanks for the info and help.

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Bob Gervais sells them at Anonda motorsports. But, that's only going to stop the heat coming from the heads. If you want to keep the manifold really cool, you have to use a phenolic spacer AND disable your EGR valve. But, the EGR valve will trip a service engine code if you take it off, unless you get a custom chip and tell the programmer to bypass the code.
Couldn't you always switch over to one of the plastic intake manifolds? Those don't get nearly as warm, and you'd also drop a good amount of weight in the process. Kind of like a 2 for 1 deal. AND, you could still add a spacer along with the swap.
That would be my suggestion.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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