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I'm in a bit of a time crunch and it appears that no one looks in the classifieds here. I hope you don't mind Bob, but I have to get this car out of here as it looks like I won't have enough money to rebuild it for about another year. Here is what I got:

- Crystalin 95SE Headlights ($100.00 & your old lights)
- Pioneer 6x8's, 3 way ($30.00)
- 24mm front sway bar ($50.00) Prefer local pickup
- 22mm front sway bar ($40.00) Prefer local pickup
- 2 Thrush mufflers with Stainless steel SHO tips ($50.00)
- SHO Instrument cluster ($40.00)
- Full SHO Interior (Gray/ half leather) + Center console and mounting brackets, very good shape ($200.00) Local pickup
- Pioneer component system 6" speakers, tweeters, and cross overs ($40.00)
- Kicker Comp VR 12" sub in 2 cubic foot sealed box ($45.00) Really prefer local pickup
- Tinted tail lights ($40.00 + your old lights)
- SHO Rear Bumper w/ SHO Filled in, painted blue ($70.00) local pickup only
- 4 slicers with Dunlop SP 8000 225 50 16 performance tires ($200.00) Local Pickup & I need your old rims.
- Cold air intake (Gen II) with a ported MAF & K&N Filter that needs cleaning ($70.00 takes the whole kit)

I may take out the roller rockers and intakes. I will post if I do. Buyer pays actual shipping.

If anyone wants the car's shell you can have it once these parts are removed (may not remove rockers or intakes). Free, just take it. The car was in a minor rear end accident and the RR suspension is messed up along with the 1/4 panel. It has a good motor and a GREAT transmission.

I'm going to miss the car, but it's not responsible for me to funnel cash into a car when I am in debt and when I need to get my new business off the ground.

I can take Paypal and even credit card if you want. Bob, to offset this, I'll donate some $$$$$ as well as the other things we have going on.

~ Mike
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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