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Ok, see my post here:


New Alternator, New Battery. Friend charged up the battery for 2 hours directly connected to his car battery. My car starts fine now.

Now, he started it and the "Theft" light on the dash went out but then came on and went like...

blink....pause...blink...pause...blink... etc as he was driving. Then it stopped awhile. Then came back on doing the same. He didn't drive too far, just around the block a bit.

Before the battery died each time the battery did die out (this is 2nd time on new battery 3rd time overall), the "Theft" light would blink rapidly after starting the engine.

I am told that the PATS system was replaced (ie. the module and 3 keys) when the car was about 1 year old and still under warranty because the car locked everyone out and you couldn't get back into it.

So, anyone know of this problem? What can it be and would it also cause an excessive power drain? Also, how much would it typically cost to fix? Anyone know?
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