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Passenger Seat Mod

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After watching The Fast and The Furious again (don't ask), I feel a bit of inspiration coming on. You know how that RX-7 had it's nitrous bottles and valves under the passenger seat, with the top of the seat cut out for access? Well, I was thinking of modifying my passenger seat, but instead of nitrous, I'd put something else there, like a video game system, or maybe a really small fridge?
I'm pretty sure it would call for some custom upholstry work (in order to cover the sides of the cut out so it doesn't look like garbage), and some other various work, but it doesn't seem to difficult. I have a friend who owns an upholstry shop, so that's not a problem. What do you all think?
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You're going to have to make the seat a fixed position seat so you can have space under the cushion for anything. The locking mechanism for the seat tracks are in the way. I think anything bigger than a PS1 will also cut into the space under the seat for a rear-passenger's feet.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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