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Hey guys. I'm looking for a few parts for my 99 SE. The parts can be from a SHO or not. I'm looking for decent parts at a great price and I am willing to drive a ways to get them. So heres the list:

1. Leather Seats. Can be from a gen 3 SHO or a regular gen 3 or 4 taurus. Grey or black leather

2. Rims. Just need some rims to use for winter. Condition doesnt matter as long as they arent bent

3. Headliner. I need a nearly perfect headliner. Havent figured out how to transport it though.

Seats and rims are the big ones. So if you could check your local yards, that would be great! We could make a meet out of this if anyone can find anything.

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so i know this post is old and all but there is a 97 sho sittin in the boneyard about 10 miles from my house it has grey leather seats and if i remember right they were in pretty good shape... i have the exhaust from the car on my sable :) it was wrecked pretty bad in the front but the rest of the car is in pretty good shape
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