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Parting 93 GL(teal/green w. tan int)

93 Taurus 3.0L GL, teal-green with tan interior, odometer reading 27992.4 (assume that 127,992.4) runs and drives & everything works but hasn't been driven in a week. Only reason it hasn't been driven is the thermostat housing gasket blew again. The 3 bolts that hold the housing on are grade 8 but the block where they screw in is very soft aluminum. The threads have been somewhat striped so that they will not hold tight. I replaced 1 bolt with a longer one and put a nut on the end so that it holds tight because that was the only one striped when I replaced the thermostat and water pump about 2 months ago. Now the other 2 bolts seem striped so I'd need to get 2 more longer bolts and nuts to secure them and make the car driveable again. But the heater core is really needing to be changed because the the fogging windshiled is getting worse. Reason for parting is because I'm not pulling the dash to replace the heater core on a car that I am not in love with.

I am open to selling the whole car also as it is a comfortable driveable car to anywhere you want to take it if I just fix the thermostat housing. the tags are good till January of 2012.

Things that I can't sell are
-heater core (its toast)
-Passenger side front fender (beaten to hell from my rage while replacing the waterpump)
-Tape/Radio deck (not working properly because of the heater core fog)
-Head Liner (damage done by previosu owners cat crawling on the ceiling, like the baby scene in Trainspoting, on the way to the vet)
-Ignition switch Key turner helper (it has been free spinnign for a while and one day broke off, car has never been broken into or stolen)
-Drivers seat plastic controls cover (I've replaced this teice but my girl keeps breaking it getting out of the car)
-CV Joints (a mechanic told my girlfriend the joints needed to be replaced because the wheels stick a bit. If you turn right the wheels will pull to the right untill you turn left and vise versa)
-Struts (some might be good but I will have to pull them to let you know, it still rides good but not liek it should)
-Passenger side air vent (broken like every other taurus of this make)
-Rear bumper cover (someone bumped/cracked the passenger corner in a parking lot)
-The dash has some cracks in it that aren't too noticeable but its torn at the passenger corner so not really worth the troble to install in another car.

Other than listed above the things needed to make this car a perfect daily driver are
-The shift lever needs to be tightened which requires taking out the center console. It works fine but can be wobbled around with your hand.
-The front brake pads ought to be replaced. I completly disassembled and replaced the rear wheel brakes in November because the drivers side one was sticking. It was starting to get cold though so I didn't do anything but inspect the fronts to make sure they were good till spring.

The only outstanding point of this car in my view is the spare in the trunk is a full size wheel that matches the other 4, along with the stock jack and hold down. I scanned the junk yard for months to get this setup and the spare tire cover that allows a full size wheel to go in the trunk. Jumper cables wrap neatly around the inside of the tire with this setup. The picture doesn't do it justice.

My camera makes it look more dirty than it is. I haven't cleaned it yet as I'm not sure if its going to be parted or sold as complete but it cleans up very well.
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