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Parking Light Problems

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OK..cant get my PARKING lights to work on the Bull. They worked just fine, but now dont. I went to a junk yard and got a different headlight switch..didnt help. Checked the old one per the manual, it tested ok. When turned to just parking lights, nothings on, when turned fully on the headlights come on but again no parking lights. I checked the fuses and all ok..I even pulled the headlight fuses and the headlights dont work without the fuses..and I am totally at a loss. We cant drive this dang car at night and even though we have 3 other cars im gettin mad as heck! Hazards work..brakelights work..just no parking lights front/back. And obviously the panel lights arent working either. PLEASE HELP!!!! :notworthy:
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Instead of the fuses.. did you check the wires? Maybe you need to replace them.. or maybe they are severed somehow?

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Did you check the parking light relay?
Yep, check the relay, its under your dash...IIRC. Could be under the hood. No I am pretty sure its under the dash. lol. Good Luck!

Where is it at? I didnt see a listing of a parkin relay in the manual on the fuse panal, any idea where it is and which one it is? Thanks again for the help guys!!
Anyone? I ned to fix this soon, and cant find it in my book..HELP!!
When u pull off ur fuse cover, just look under the cover. It should tell you where everything is located.

Good Luck, and let us know if you find it.

I ahd the same problem last year, turns out it was a little 10A or 15A fuse under the hood. I think in slot 11 or 12 look in the owners manual for exact location it's listed! They may look ok plugged in but pull each on and double check. you don't have to pull the maxi fuses just the mini's.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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