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Hello TCCA! I've been viewing posts here for a while but finally decided to register and ask some questions.

I bought a '98 Taurus off of my great-grandfather (91yrs old, can't drive). SE model with a Vulcan V6, 128k miles.

It came with two extra stock rims (do not know why...) that I'm deciding to paint. The front tires need replaced, so I'll get them to just mount the new tires on my painted rims.

Sanded them down and painted them with a rough coat of primer. I would like to paint them gloss black with a different lug/center ring color. My Taurus is Navy Blue and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. :)
Also: are there any decent write ups for repainting on here? I couldn't find one at a cursory glance and my hood evidently rusted and was repaired by someone less then talented.

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