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Greetings all- I picked up a 98 DOHC wagon with 120K last fall and I’ve been able to get answers to most of my questions here by just lurking. You guys have helped me fix 4 trouble codes, my radio, and saved me a bunch of time, so thanks!

Have one issue left that I can’t seem to nail down, the dreaded P0300 Random misfire.
So far I’ve;
Replaced the Autolite plugs with Bosch Platinum’s, then back to new Autolites,
New wire set
New coil
Changed the fuel filter
Replaced one leaking injector with a new one
Replaced the entire fuel rail (and regulator) with a used part
Ran a couple bottles of Techron injector cleaner through
Replaced the upper plenum gasket
Checked for air leaks with a can of carb cleaner, then again with a propane torch (no flame of course) Double checked the area beneath the intake around the PCV.
Checked fuel pressure, don’t recall specs but looked acceptable
Checked compression 140, 160, 170, 200, 180, 200
Tested the EGR and it opens with vacuum, can hear it closing
Just threw in a can of sea foam
Checked the TCCA wiki and common problems for any other info

I’ve done everything I’ve read here that worked for someone, but the code comes back after 2 to 3 days while driving steady at about 40 mph.

Any suggestions? Convert it into a parts car?


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Those compression numbers are way off, too much variation in between high and low cyls. Retest them and run leakdown tests on each.
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