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Below you’ll find a previous post I made about my issue. The issue came back again today so as I was hobbling home I stopped at the auto parts store who read the codes for me.

P0191 Fuel rail pressure sensor condition
P0300 Cylinder misfire detected – random cylinders
P0316 Crank sensor condition
P2197 Lack of heated oxygen sensor – Bank 2 Sensor 1 HO2S21 switch-sensor indicates lean

As I posted originally, when this happens the fuel pump makes a great deal of noise.

-------Original Post-----------

About 1 month ago I filled up in Belle Fourche, SD. About 2 miles north of Lusk, WY my car started shaking and stalled. The distance between the two is 165 miles.

After some waiting on the side of the road I was able to hobble to Lusk where I filled up the tank. The mechanic in the shop next door to the filling station read the check engine light and said it was for the fuel rail. He said it could be bad fuel, bad injectors or bad fuel filter, which he said is common on my car.

I put some heat into the tank in case I got bad fuel. We made it back home.

Up until today the car has had no issues like this. I have put nearly 3,000 miles on the car since driving to the mid-west and back.

When I accelerate the vehicle shakes. The rpm’s seem to stall then all of a sudden I accelerate. This happens from 0 mph into higher speeds. The check engine light is now back on.

I did notice when I turn the ignition on the fuel pump charges the system and stops. I also heard quite a bit of noise coming from the trunk in the general location of the fuel pump. What I mean by that is I've never heard noise come from the pump outside of it charging the system.

I left the car sit in the garage for a while and took it back out for a drive. Everything now seems OK again.

The vehicle has not been overheating.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Work that has been done on the car:
The fuel filter has been changed in the last few months.
All 4 struts were changed.
I just replaced the battery and coolant overflow tank.
The transmission was recently rebuilt.
The spark plugs were just changed.
I use full synthetic oil and Fram filters.
Both air filters are changed regularly.
The Mass Air Flow Sensor has been cleaned.
The vehicle has around 68,000 miles.

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After leaving the car sit for 1 - 1 1/2 hours, it drives fine.

Don't know if that will help.

Thank you for the link, RickMN!

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I have looked through my alldata guide and cannot find the fule pump ground. Isn't it an enclosed system?

Anyway, could someone tell me where the ground is that's being referecened so I cant check it?


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I think the fuel pump ground is located in the trunk near the fuel pump inertial switch. Pull the carpet back on the passenger side.
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