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So we just did a full repair with heads repaired and all new timing parts with phasers, oil and water pumps. The waterpump failed originally and dumped coolant in the block. This was sudden failure and the car was shut-off right away when it happened. The car was not driven for miles on a highway while mixing coolant in the oil.

When we first started it, it ran great, sounded great, came off of high idle just fine and was idling just fine. It ran probably for a solid minute like this. I raised the rpms just a touch to about 1500 and as soon as I did that it began running very rough and threw a cel.

Run a basic scanner and it came back with p0011, p0018, and p0021. Now the oil in the car was low from doing an initial flush but not ridiculously low. However, it was low about 2 quarts and is still dirty from that first flush.

From what I can tell the oil I have going could be a cause for this to happen. Are there any other possible causes? Or is it more likely the chain jumped? The timing marks were triple checked by two different people so we are sure the timing is on when initially set. I'm just wondering if the low oil may have also caused different parts to allow the timing to jump do to low pressure on this start up. Or is the crank upset becayse the cam sensors are bad now since we took them out of the heads? Any info/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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