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I have a 96 Taurus with the Duratec 24 valve and the overdrive is not working. When at overdrive speed the O/D light flashes. I have posted before but I didn't put it in here. I was still learning about this site. I have codes from a mechanic:
Here are the codes I got:
-Gear 4 Incorrect Ratio (0734)
-Shift cellunoid 3 failure (0761)
-TFT or PFT (there was a misunderstanding on what this code was so I put TFT or PFT) Sensor Circuit high input (0713)
-EPC Cellunoid open circuit (1746)
-TP Circuit Performance problem (0121)

When I went to a mechanic they cleared all the open circuit codes but if you can make sense of these then I will gladly accept the help.

I'm willing to pay for a rebuild or new transmission because I love this car. If anyone can tell me a place where I can get a cheap rebuild or new tranny around or in New Hampshire I would gladly accept the info. The cheapest price I can find so far is $1400 for labor and parts with a lifetime warranty. If anyone knows of a better price please answer!!!

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