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So I've been running around for a while without Overdrive. It's been too long to remember what the code is, but it amounted to Solenoid C not working.

So I got my hands on some solenoids finally to put in. I figured if one failed, the others probably wouldn't be too far behind. It kind of grabbed me as weird anyways, considering it's an Aamco rebuild with only 45K miles on it or so.

At any rate, I inspected the valve body for the tell tale broken clip, but that all seemed to be fine. The wire harnesses all looked good. None brittle or anything like that. Connectors were fine. So I went ahead and replaced all three shift solenoids and slapped everything back together.

Let the Bull warm up to normal operating temperature, ran it through the gears a few times to make sure everything was engaging properly, and topped off the ATF with some Merc. (I'd already changed the fluid/filter about 12K miles ago)

Took her out for a test run, but I'll be damned. Still no overdrive. Still doesn't even try. Haven't driven it enough to get any codes back, but I'm assuming I'll get the same one again.

So, I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem, where fixing the usual suspect for no OD doesn't actually fix the problem. I'll be honest... I've probably put three times as much money into this car than it's worth. But I love my Bull. When it works right.

On top of that, I'm still chasing down that damned rough idle. It eludes me, still. Wish I had some other TCCA members close by. :)

At any rate, let me know if anything comes to mind.

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