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On The Way To Make My Slo Sho

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Hey Tom, Did you happen to notice if the window trim (all side windows) on the Junk yard SHO was in good shape.

I have Alberta SHO club stickers (as seen on my "c" window below. $5.00 dollars each. I have had mine on for almost a year and have had no problems with them.

Let me know when you want those stickers I'll drop them off.

The reason I asked about the window trim is mine is beat bad (recieved hail damage last summer) I have slowly began to get the body fixed but...I'll be going to U of A Engineering next fall so I have priorities on where to spend. I'll take a trip to Pick your part on Friday afternoon and check them out.

SHO continental: No, I wish :thumb: maybe down the road.
Yeah, thats either a guy named Tom or Tim, he goes by the handle "toolman" on shoforum. Very impressive numbers....but tons of work and broken parts. I believe that there are only two turbos that exist?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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