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Omg A Taurus To El Camino Conversion!

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Look at what i saw on ebay auctions. Someone tried to make an el camino out of a taurus!

heres the auction if you care doesnt say much though.

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Interesting find, especially when they're posting the picture of the "project Taurus" when they're selling the transmission.
Whats even more hilarious is the highest bidder...... "wallacenuthouse"
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another intersting conversion is the SHOtruck, saw a pic of it from the last convention, its a Gen II front and with a pickup bed on the back of it, very clean custom job
I'm shocked! Not by the fact he's butcherd a Taurus, but the fact that it's the same idea I've had of turning a Taurus wagon into a Ranchero.
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Originally posted by qaz-@Apr 28 2004, 12:23 AM
Someone tried to make an el camino out of a taurus!
don't you mean ranchero?

*edit.. those look like basket-weave SHO wheels it has.
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