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If you've been following my other thread, you know I have a tire that's been eaten up by an alignment issue. It's bad enough I was wondering if it's safe to drive the 30 miles to the tire shop. Then I suddenly got to wondering about the spare thinking I might put it one for the trip. That got me wondering if it was a toy spare or a real one, so I had to go look.

It is indeed a full sized 205-65R-15 .... brand spanking new Michelin XW4. If it's ever been on the road, it was only a few miles. The hairs are gone, but many of the other mold/injection extras are still there. Could it possibly be the factory original? If so, would a 25 year old tire be trustworthy? It still has air, though maybe down a few pounds. At a quick glance, I don't see any signs of checking, but that's not surprising since it's been tucked away under the cargo area.

I was considering the merits of used vs new knowing used would be a few years old, but ...... original?

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