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what is a good oil filter for my 03 vulcan . what part numbers are they. I was looking at at some that $5 or less and then there are some over $12. I have a wix on there now but next change I want to use synthetic oil. I read bobtheoilguy.com and they recommend purolater (ford) , wix, mobil one, k&n, napa gold, ,but also say that champ labs (many) like bosch, supertech, deusch, stp, proline, are o.k. too. I do avoid fram because they are inconsistent. I was just wondering what everyone else is using on their bulls.

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The Motorcraft filters are actually really good, probably the best dollar for dollar. The whole list you put up are all good choices.

Fram is the biggest heap of crap out there and a lot of the oil change places use private label Fram stuff too.

That said, I use Bosch or Motorcraft on my fleet.

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Best filter: Purolator Pure One
Other really good ones: Mobil 1, Wix (Includes Napa Gold and Carquest Blue as they are Wix), K & N, Amsoil EAO, Bosch.

I would say best value/performance is in the Wix line.

Here is a site with good prices on them: http://www.fleetfilter.com/

**What does the Wix filter and Synthetic Oil reference mean? You can use any filter with any oil.

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The Pure One is the best, but the FL400S is made by Puralator and has everything the Pure One has except a small amount of extra media. I ALWAYS bought the FL400S for mine before I sold it, and I ALWAYS had good service from the engine. I never had an engine related failure except a head gasket.

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just got back from wally world. Motorcraft 400 was $3.67. picked up a champ 400 and a 3614 fram for $1 (both) at a local flea market. the 3614 fits most toyota and the 400 fits them too as an extended length filter for almost all camery,tundra and most other v-6 toyotas.they boyh have a 3/4 by16 thread and are boyh 3.71 inches wide on the gasket.. supertech/champ labs are $2.87.

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handy cross reference chart

Synlube oil filters
Permanent replacement for Cellulose media Oil Filters


The SynLube™ Oil Filters may look the same as the conventional Oil Filters that they replace, but the similarity ends there. The SynLube™ Oil Filters offer superior performance well beyond that of conventional oil filters, including:
Cleaner Oil - Substantial improvement in multiple-pass filter efficiency
(95% vs. 80% for conventional filters)
is achieved through the use of synthetic MicroGlass fibers in the filter media.
Wire Backing - protects the filter media from tears and provides uniform spaces between each pleat for improved oil flow.
Improved housing to base crimp - reduces potential for Filter Failure due to Pressure Build-up - SynLube™ Oil Filter outperforms conventional filters by 2.5 to 1
in hydrostatic pressure testing (steadily increasing pressures).
Thicker gauge housing - reduces potential for Filter Failure Due to Repeated Pressure Surges at Start-up - SynLube™ Oil Filter outperforms conventional filters by 3 to 1
in cyclic pressure impulse testing (SAE J806, 0-100 PSI @ 0.5 Hz).
Easier Filter Removal After Use -
Non-stick filter gasket allows for easier removal of the filter at the end of its useful life.

Key Benefits
Long Service Life - up to 10 Years or 100,000 miles
Traps up to 5 times more contaminants *
Improves Filtered Oil Flow by up to 80% @ 30°F (-1°C) *
Traps particles that are up to 4 times smaller *
(10 microns vs. 40 microns )

* when compared to Conventional Cellulose media Oil Filters,
Test Results based on SAE J 1858 Testing Procedure

Other Benefits

The SynLube™ Oil Filters outperform conventional filters in several key tests:
Single pass efficiency (SAE J806) of 98% vs. an 85% average for conventional filters.
Multiple pass efficiency (SAE J806) of 95% vs. an 80% average for conventional filters.
Hydrostatic burst strength of 600 PSI vs. 240 PSI average for conventional filters.
In pressure impulse fatigue testing (SAE J806, 0-220 PSI @ 0.5 Hz),
over 25,000 cycles vs. less than 1,000 cycles to failure for conventional filters.
Synthetic MicroGlass filter fibers create smaller, more consistently sized openings,
which improves oil flow and traps smaller (8 to 10 micron) contaminants.
All metal end cap construction along with wire backing of synthetic filter media and steel coil loading spring of the filter element provides for "grounded" construction which eliminates "static build-up".


SynLube™ MicroGlass™ technology uses special synthetic glass microfibers that are about 10 times smaller than conventional cellulose filter fibers (shown below). This allows a full flow oil filter to have following performance:
99% particle removal that are 10 micron in size
98% particle removal that are 7 micron in size
95% particle removal that are 5 micron in size

Typical Cellulose Filter Media SynLube™ MicroGlass™ Media

Most manufacturers that make low cost filters do not disclose or advertise any data on their products filtration range or efficiency, but research done by General Motors indicates following:
bullet Typical low cost oil filter will remove about 40% of particles in 8 to 10 micron range
bullet Typical OEM oil filter will remove about 72% of particles in 8 to 10 micron range

Want to Know MORE ?
Description Case Stripe Thread


Fwm Black Green 3/4"-16 63id-75od 0-91275-70016 $30.00
Fws Black Green 3/4"-16 63id-75od 0-91275-70009 $30.00
Fwl Black Green 3/4"-16 63id-75od 0-91275-70001 $24.00
Fnl Black Green 3/4"-16 63id-75od 0-91275-70007 $24.00
Fns Black Green 3/4"-16 63id-75od 0-91275-70005 $30.00
FSnm Black Blue 3/4"-16 54id-63od 0-91275-10827 $30.00
FSns White Blue 3/4"-16 54id-63od 0-91275-76158 $30.00
FSmini Black Blue 3/4"-15 54id-63od 0-91274-76160 $30.00
GLwl Black White 13/16"-16 80id-90od 0-91275-70002 $24.00
GLwm Black White 13/16"-16 80id-90od 0-91275-70006 $22.00
GSwl White Black 13/16"-16 60id-70od 0-91275-73538 $24.00
GSwm Black 13/16"-16 60id-70od 0-91275-70017 $22.00
GSnl Black 13/16"-16 60id-70od 0-91275-70008 $24.00
GSns Black 13/16"-16 60id-70od 0-91275-16804 $30.00
J20ns Black Purple M20-1.50 54id-63od 0-91275-73462 $24.00
M18nl Black Yellow M18-1.50 60id-70od 0-91275-73554 $22.00
M18ns Black Yellow M18-1.50 60id-70od 0-91275-70003 $26.00
M20ws Black Orange M20-1.50 61id-73od 0-91275-70015 $20.00
M22wm White Red M22-1.50 60id-70od 0-91275-70021 $26.00
CH3970 none none none 0-01275-10828 $18.00

Note: Gasket id (internal diameter) & od (outer diameter) are in millimeters.



GLwl PH13 PF35 FL12 L30040 51061
GLwl PH05 PF352 FL12DP PER40 10 LF3488
GLwl PF1218 FL12FP PER4000 3
GLwm PH30 PF25 FL10 L20049 51069
GSnl PH3429 PF45 FL331 L20123 51045
GSwm PH25 PF24 LF9 L20033 51258
GSwl LF3538
Fws PH16 PF13 FL332 L14670 51085
Fws FL5 L10017 51307
Fws FL300 L10018 51805
Fwl PH8A PF2 FL1A L30001 51515 LF3487
Fnl PH3600 PF56 FL400 L20195 51516
Fnl PH2825
Fns PH3614 PF53 FL793 L10241 51348
Fns FL776 PER241
Fwm PH43 PF20 FL300 L10007 51068
Fwm PH3963
GSns PH3506 PF44 FL330 L14006 51042
FSnm PH3682 PF1232 L24457 51361
M20ws PH3950 PF1177 FL403 L10193 51381
M20ws PH2856
M20ws PH3562
M20ws PH3664
J20ns PH6811 LF3462
J20ns PH3593A PF1127 FL803 L14459 51334
J20ns PH3807A
J20ns PH7317
M18nl PH3980 PF52 FL402 L24011 51036 LF3554
M18ns PH3387A PF47 FL318 L10111
M18ns FL321
FSns PH4967 PF1233 FL836 L14476 51056 HF6158
FSns L22821 51394
FSmini PH4477 L14477
M22wm PH02 PF1250 FL820 L24651 51372
CH3970 CH3970 PF1072 FL838 L10085 51630

OEM Part Number SynLube

DENSO 115010-5400 Fns
DENSO 115010-5000 Fns
FORD Motorcraft FL820S M22wm
HONDA F 0630A J20ns
HONDA 15400-PH1-014 J20ns
MAZDA GY01-14-302B M22wm
Mitsubishi MD135737 J20ns
Motorcraft FL 820S M22wm
SUZUKI 16510-61A01 FSns
TOYOTA 90915-10003 FSmini
TOYOTA 90915-20003 Fns
TOYOTA 90915-YZZB1 Fns
TOYOTA 90915-YZZB5 Fns

CROSS-REFERENCE After Market Oil Filters
Brand Part Number SynLube
Econo Lube & Tune Uses Purolator Part Numbers
DYNA Lube D241 Fns
Group 7 V-195 Fnl
Group 7 V-4631 GLwl
Jiffy Lube HL 13 GLwl
Jiffy Lube HL 3614 Fns
MileGuard MO3600 Fnl
Mobil M1-206 GSnl
Pro Line PPL-14670 Fwm
Pennzoil PZ-19 Fnl
Quaker State QS 3682 Fnl
Texaco TFC-525 FSnl
Texaco T-1-FS Fwl
76 PH 1085 Fwm

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Napa Gold here. Twice a year they run a 40% off special so I stock up then.
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