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1999 Wagon
Hi, my name is Kevin Cogan and I live in Ladson S.C.. My email is [email protected]
This is my 1999 Taurus wagon. It is used daily and currently has 213,000 miles on the odometer. It is equipped with 3.0 DOHC engine, dual mufflers with a premium sound system and moon roof. Currently undergoing interior restoration with tan leather bucket seats installed from a 2003 Taurus sedan. The transmission was rebuilt at 190,000 miles. This vehicle is extremely fast and and agile weighing in at 5500 lbs (approx). The entire set of windows were tinted because of the extreme heat down here in South Carolina which caused damage to the interior. As a point, interior temperatures before tinting reached in excess of 100 degrees,current temperatures read 85-92 degrees F.
241 - 246 of 246 Posts
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