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Hi all,

There's quite a bit of information scattered around TCCA on the various resources available to download build information about your car. This post is an attempt to consolidate those links. I'll be happy to add in other resources if you find them, just chime in.

The information below pertains to ALL Bulls. However, your car's information is less likely to be available if you own an older Bull.

Ford ETIS and OASIS:

Ford ETIS and Ford's OASIS systems provide build data about the car, but both have various limitations and inaccuracies as the vehicles age.

Ford ETIS is generally used by Ford dealers outside of North America, but it still has information about our cars. You can find it here: https://www.etis.ford.com/.

Ford OASIS is used by North American dealers, however, it is a subscription service. If you post your VIN or PM it to me, I can pull that data for you with my subscription. In OASIS, I can see build information, warranty start dates and mileage, release dates (from assembly plant), Ford Sync information (if equipped), and as-built module data programming information. Please note that as this is off my own subscription and time, there may be a delay until you receive a response. Please see if your question cannot be answered in ETIS first (or for some reason, you think ETIS may be inaccurate.)

VIN Decoding:

Ford Fleet: VIN Decoder | fleet.ford.com

TCCA VIN Decoder, may not work on Gen 5/6 Bulls: Ford Taurus Forum : Ford Taurus Owners Car Club Forums - TCCA VIN Decoder

Window Stickers:

Ford Window Sticker Generator, may not work on vehicles pre-2006 or so. Once you click the link, fix the link in the window that opens to match the VIN of your Bull.

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