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Got the bluetooth obd adapter with the torque app setup today and it kicks ass! Its a bit buggy but people in forums say thats what you get with the $40 ebay one.

Anyways, i get pretty much every sensor readout the car offers from air fuel ration to 02 readouts to 0-60 time

I did my first 0-60 time.....ended with a whopping 11.2 seconds super fast i know, thats on 20s with a wai.

I will post pics within the hour i have to wait till mt girlfriend gets home and use her iphone to take pics of my phone.

Anyways i would highly recommend this the gas mileage meter is great. Ive only found one "fault" which is that being a program from the uk, the units are different and you cant Change them. So to properly set it up it asks hoe many kilograms your car weighs and you have to do the math.

I will keep updating when i find new stuff
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