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Another month.... ANOTHER CHANCE TO TAKE IT ALL!!!

Anyone can submit, you don't even have to have a super fancy decked out car! Generally the entrants have modified their cars, but anyone can enter.

PLEASE SUBMISSIONS ON THIS THREAD ONLY! I will not include any submissions started as a new thread and will just delete those threads.

Click Here to View the Submission Rules

Voting begins the 15th and ends at the end of the month! There are room for up to 8 entries, first come first serve! If all 8 are filled before the 15th, voting will start as soon as the slots are filled.


Any other talk or banter will be deleted. Please only ONE post per entrant! However feel free to submit many pictures (specify voting picture) and give a backstory or tell about your modifications if applicable.

You MUST post at the very least 3 pictures. 2 of the exterior(an angled front shot, and an opposite rear shot), and 1 of the interior. The car should be clean, and the photos should be of good quality in good weather. Old pictures are fine as long as they represent your car the way it currently sits.

The winner of this months car of the month will be promoted on the websites home page for a month!

You can only do this one time: If you actually are reading all of this stuff I'm writing, PM SAM and tell him you're reading it and he'll give you a free 25 days of premium membership. If you already have a premium membership then he'll jump you up to 20 days platinum membership. If you already have a platinum membership, then thank you very much for reading and feel free to PM him and let me know you did!

The winner will also receive a 1 year FREE Premium Supporter subscription to the site! This means no advertisements, and a forum where only supporters may converse.

Please remember to read the rules which are stuck at the top of the Car of the Month forum. Remember, more than just Tauruses and Sables are accepted in this contest! A few other similar Ford cars are. Check the rules to find out!

You will also be entered in the 2014 COTY contest. The winner of that will win a LIFETIME PLATINUM membership!

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2003 Ford Taurus SE

2003 Ford Taurus SE
Vulcan 3.0 SOHC

This is my first time submitting so, here we go.
This is actually my second Taurus I've owned. The 1st was totaled, parked on the street, by a drunk woman. Anyway, since it was the same car, I took off the aftermarket parts and moved them to this one. Ironically its one year newer, same color, but with a few thousand more miles on it and better gas mileage.

As far as what I've done to it, and i'm not done,
but here is whats added:
-Axle-back straight pipe(no muffler)
-Rain guards
-Removed airbox silencer
-Aftermarket radio deck
-Sony Xplod radio
-Sony Xplod 1000W Amp w/ 2 Power Acoustic Kript series subwoofers
-Mustang Mach 1 chin splitter
-Aftermarket spoiler(personally painted)
-Fog lights(behind the grille)
-Green LED underglow
Now this car had a stock spoiler so I had to replace the rear shelf trim piece with one that could accommodate a third brake light that I also had to get.







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Let's go!

This is my 2002 Taurus SEL Premium

144,250 Miles
3.0L Duratec 24V DOHC V6
Royal Blue Metallic
Ebony Cloth

Bought the car in August from the original owners and it's been nothing but amazing since the beginning!

Factory Options: EATC, Power Seat & Pedals, Autodimming Rear View Mirror, Leather Steering Wheel, Sunroof, Center Console w/ Shifter, Safe & Secure Pkg (ABS, Side Airbags, Traction Control), & More!

Modifications: SHO Chromies & Falken Sincera Tires, Plasti-Dipped F & R Spears, F & R "TAURUS" Plate Frames, Beam Style Wiper Blades, Blue Oval Logo Valve Stem Caps, OEM Color Matched Rear Spoiler, 5-Piece Woodgrain Trim (from an '05 SEL).

Planned Modifications: Mach Audio, Amber Rear Signals, and some secret stuff.



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Open to ANYONE(unless you have previously won this year) at this point...... We need at least 4 to vote on. I'd like to see more than that!

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1991 Ford Taurus SHO (maybe it was "Plus" version)

This is my 1991 Ford Taurus SHO

126,800 original miles
3.0 V6 24v DOHC (SHO)
Black body
Black interior leather/cloth
Bought: 05.12.2001 with 71,600 miles

Factory options: EATC, Amber Rear Signals, Power Seat, Leather Steering Wheel, Center Console w/ Shifter, ABS, keyless entry, Premium Sound, some parts of "Plus" package, power antenna. MAYBE!!! It has cell phone (found holes of cradle and speaker) and CD player (found cables).

Modifications: 94+ front spindles, calipers, rotors, H-brace, 96 rear control arms, Clutch Masters clutch, GSM-Motorola 2700 cell phone, Phantom Grip LSD imitation, new Hi-quality leather (not leatherette like stock "leather") parts of chairs, HQ imitation leather on doors.

Planned Modifications in 2015: 1995 premium sound with CD and 2 amplifiers, black powder-coated rims, Gen3 SHO front caliper brackets and 11,6" rotors, 80mm MAF.

closing of club season 14 oct. 2014

summer 2014

SHO engine

winter 2010

autumn 2010


new leather interior

Motorola international 2700 GSM


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OK............ 3 submissions it is..............
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