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This is regarding a '99 SHO, but I don't think I need SHO specific knowledge to help. I posted at SHOforum too, but the traffic here is so much greater and if I can't make up my mind soon I might miss out on a deal.

So - I've been scrutinizing this '99 for sale locally for a couple weeks now. I've taken it for 2 test drives. It has 90k on the clock and carfax has pretty good documentation up to about 60k.

The only major concern I had was a low rpm miss under load, such as light acceleration at 60 or trying to maintain speed up a hill. My assumption has been a bad coil. The car ran fine when I stomped on it, but there seemed to be a bit of hesitation from a dead stop. Hard accel from 60-80 was smooth.

So -- I went in to make an offer today and the dealer informed me he had the car in the shop to check on the miss. I got a call back from him later and the diagnosis was a blown head gasket?!
REALLY?! I've seen nothing about these cars blowing HG's, especially at 90k, and especially not in cars running good when driven hard.

No steam. No sign of water in the oil (didn't check for oil in the water). No smell. HG diagnosis seems fishy to me. Makes me think the mechanic is working this for a steal on a decent car.

Not sure what to do. Either walk away, or use the possible blown (at worst, leaking, haven't even seen signs of that) head gasket to my advantage in bargaining.
I asked him bottom dollar, he said 1800. In light of the "mechanic's" diagnosis I said probably not 18, but maybe 15, his response wasn't "no".

Anyway -- I'm bummed. i thought I might be driving my new project home today.

What do you think?
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