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Hello All;

I'm RoyboyDenver, I bought my Taurus in 2014 and that's when I 1st joined this forum. The Taurus I bought is a 2006 SE so it was already like 8 years old when I first got behind the wheel. I had a few questions about the 'old fella' at the time and youz guys here, sure enough, helped me out. The main thing was telling me how to add an AUX jack to the factory radio by adding a little something extra to the Head Unit in the trunk. Been using that plug ever since. You all also helped me look for the Master Code for the keyless entry, but unfortunately I have never found that little 5 digit #, even though I have done everything I could to find it and have considered shrinking myself down to possibly the size of a fly to get up there under the dash and on top of the darn fuse box / CPU unit to look for that darn thing. But, oh well, maybe someday I'll have it and I'll be able to program my very own CODE NUMBER.

Anyway, the 'old fella' and I have put on a lot of miles over the last 5 years. He's all mine now - the Bank is really happy, made all my payments on time. Now, I think I'm going to keep him for a few more years. Might as well, I've replaced damn near everything on him including; The Transmission (Thank GOD, it was under warranty and only cost me $125.00), the RACK & Pinion, Power Steering Pump, Starter, A/C Compressor, Alternator, all the Struts, Brakes - front and back - the rear drums just last month. I have also converted ALL the light bulbs inside and out (Headlights, Turns, Brakes, BackUp) to LED's - I even did the door Puddled Lights, they are now blue ;) as is the dome lights, the ashtray light, the 2 trunk lamps (yes, I added one on the left side), plus I have added a few well placed interior BLUE LED spotlights to make my relaxing time in the 'Old Fella' a lot more comfortable. (I work graveyard shifts and take pretty much all my breaks and lunch inside the car - the lights come in real handy). And, as of last week, I now have my rear license plate showin' a BLUE glow.

So I've had some fun doing a few minor customizing things to my 'ride' and I've kept up with the necessary repairs as they have popped up. With those repairs, it's been my habit to get the parts that I need from Amazon - free shipping as a PRIME member - they are usually OEM quality replacements and the price is way cheaper than - heaven forbid, the FORD SHOP or even the local Auto Parts stores. I have a guy that is good and works out of his garage and his labor is extremely affordable.

All that fun with my Taurus and I have been BAD to you all by NOT checking in here and sharing with everyone or even better, I forgot to sign in here to bitch about how the "Damn F**king WhatDoYOUCallIT just broke on me. Sorry guys. :(

I will close this re-introduction by mentioning the real reason for my return is my current need for some real tech advice. And I'm hoping someone here really knows there stuff. It concerns my Instrument Planel (or is it a Cluster). Mine has gone flakey but the one I got from the Pick & Pay lot is turning out to be even FLAKEYER. Please see the entire situation over in the Generation 1-4 / Electronics, Security ... discussion area.

OK, I've said enough. It's good to have you all here when a guy runs up against that BRICK WALL that keeps his 'old fella' from enjoying his later years. The guys at the Auto Zone for sure don't have a clue on how to help with these important issues, know what I'm sayin' !

P.S. - Give me a day to get that inquiry about the Instrument Cluster posted, I've got to get my thoughts together on the question and how I'm going to ask it, and now I've already spent to much time getting this posting written and to a such a state of perfection that I feel comfortable enough to send it. :lol2:

That I created all by myself, had forgotten all about it, don't really do things like that in the other forums I am members of, ... and now that I see it again I kind of still like it. I can only say I must have been really bored one night a few years back. I think it could be a bit smaller - What do you all think?
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