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Not to much going on in this part of the forum, where is everybody at?

Lets see some activity, new ride pictures, progress reports whats everyone up to?

As for me I have come to a crossroads. I have purchased a new project car and i am trying to figure out if i want to part out my 1995 SHO project for funds to start working on the new car or if i want to try to find someone to help me finish the SHO.
The SHO engine is built and sitting on a stand in my garage and the car has been sitting on the side of my house collecting leaves. The suspension and brakes have been installed except for the master cylinder,booster, lines and ABS unit under the hood.
I need someone to reinstall the drivetrain and all systems under the hood. I have all the parts(mostly new) except the transmission and downpipe.
Rudy (rudedog) was in the process of rebuilding the original transmission and beefing it up when he passed away, most of the insides were left to the elements and could not be salvaged so the whole thing went to scrap. Shouldnt be to hard to source a remaned ATX for it.

If anyone know how to get in touch with Sergio Prefetti here in Houston please let me know or let him know i am wanting to talk to him.

Pic of the new Ride
1957 Ranchero
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